Ilbijerri Theatre



Fitzoy’s Indigenous history and
experience Indigenous people’s strong and continuing
historical, cultural and emotional connection to this place –
from its Woiwurrung beginnings right up to the here and now.
WW2 Munitions Workers, Atherton Estate locals before the
High-rise, our sporting heroes – the Indigenous Fitzroy
residents – in the pubs, organizations, churches and back lanes.
These snapshots of Fitzroy’s Indigenous history the continuing
theme of dispossession throughout our Indigenous experience
and celebrate our social, political, cultural and sporting
achievements – our resolve for self determination.

Ilbijerri offers up to audience this unique Indigenous experience as an alternative to the Commonwealth games.

Formed for and by the Victorian Indigenous community, Ilbijerri is the longest running Indigenous Theatre organization and the only one in Victoria.

The Co-operative is committed to producing innovative and challenging Indigenous works that speaks to and reflects the lives, culture and history of Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.