The Building Next Door Was Robbed!

Gun Safes

In these troubled times, it’s human nature for some people to go a little nuts. Our neighbors were robbed last week and I felt it was important to write a post about what precautions I and my band members will take to protect ourselves from robbers. I’m still in shock that these criminals broke into my neighbors house and stole pretty much anything of value. I’m even more shocked that it happened around the same time myself and the guys were having our usually jam session in the garage.

small gun safe

So, yes… We bought a gun safe and a shotgun. It arrived just yesterday. Here is a picture of the safe still in the box:

Gun safes are an important purchase for gun owners; they provide many important protections for a relatively cheap price. No gun owner should be without a gun safe because of the great benefits they provide.

The first benefit a gun safe provides is protection from theft. Firearms are very expensive… especially sentry safes, and a good gun safe is essential to protecting them. Not only do they protect the financial investment made when purchasing a firearm, they also protect gun owners from the legal trouble that can follow having your gun robbed. If the criminal who steals your firearms uses them in a crime, it can cause tons of legal trouble. While the odds of having being robbed aren’t very high, the possible consequences make the investment worthwhile.

Another benefit of a gun safe is that it protects your firearms from wear or even natural disasters. Gun safes provide a much better environment to store your gun than out in the open where dust and moisture can speed up the wear and tear process. Most of the best gun safes are also fireproof to protect from house fires (obviously) and are often sturdy enough to survive hurricanes.

Gun safes also help protect gun owners from litigation. If a gun owner leaves their guns lying around the house, they can be held responsible if someone in the house accidentally uses it. If the guns are in the gun safe, even if someone knows the combination and then something happens, at least it shows that the gun’s owner cares about securing their firearms. While this example may be extreme, it is still a possibility.

We suggest buying a gun safe that is weather proof, mean fire and water. We also believe in a gun safe dehumidifier.

There many things you can store in a gun safe other than guns. A few if the items that we suggest are:

  • A Flashlight
  • Ammunition
  • Important Documents (Wills, Social Security Card, Passports, Insurance Information, Health Record, Photo copies of you ID, ect…)
  • Charged and Working Cell Phone
  • Jewels
  • Money
  • Memories and Photos from your childhood

These are just of the things you can add, basically items for any important situation. We also believe

When shopping for a gun safe, the most important factor depends on your primary purpose for purchasing it. If you live in a crime-ridden area, it would be wise to buy the most secure gun safe you can afford to help protect against the much higher risk of crime you face. On the other hand, someone in a rural area could buy a less secure safe that might be more fireproof or just cheaper.

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