The Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp Goes Crypto

For a music aficionado, Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in LA is the place they want to be in order to learn the art of music from the masters themselves. This year, Dave Mustaine and Zakk Wylde from Megadeath and Ozzy Osbourne are coming over at the Black Label Society to strum out the secrets of perfect and addictive metal music to fans and learners. The camp for metal is being held from the 19th to the 22nd of April of 2018.

Kevin Cronin from the REO SPEEDWAGON is also heading to camp from the 15th to the 18th of February. The fantasy camp will explore areas ranging from mastering the sound of instruments to improving stage presence and tips on how to keep a crowd entertained. The training will therefore not entirely be based around playing the instruments in an innovative way and tuning them correctly, but will also make you more approachable as a crowd’s person who takes the enjoyment of each member of the crowd upon himself.

What differentiates this year’s camp from the previous 21 years that it has changed lives of aspiring musicians is the organization’s decision to accept bitcoins as legitimate payment for the camp itself! So if you happen to have bitcoins and a best friend who loves metal music enough to do justice to his time at the camp, you might as well go Crypto and treat him to the best April of his life.

Why Were Bitcoins Introduced?

The inclusion of Bitcoins into the frame was driven by the organizers’ motive of making the camp open to all kinds of people with passion, and dealing in crypto-currencies at a time when they are so uncertain is a passion in itself. It is also quite an exciting tradeoff because paying in Bitcoins can, in the near future, prove to be a remarkable decision or a terrible decision depending on how much they have progressed over the year.

That being said, any individual compelled to end the chapter of these decentralized currencies in their lives might as well spend it on something as incorporating as the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.

What Does Camp Feel Like?

When respected and influential personalities in the world of music are placed into the picture, people tend to feel the pressure of the camp being competitive. But you should understand that the purpose of the camp is for you to:

  1. Hone your own skills as a musician or knowledge as a fan through our best karaoke machine competitions.
  2. Make lasting friendships with the people around you who share this common and profound interest.

Register Now

The website is now functional with Bitcoin, and both camps this year also have The Ultimate Backstage Pass up for grabs through which non-musicians can enjoy the events of the camp live!

Contact 888/762-2263 ex 7 today or simply visit to know about the available packages and embark on your journey as the ultimate fan using the currency that seems to know no bounds.

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